Hire Llama recruits software engineers from hidden talent pools all over the US and Latin America. Our engineers are fully vetted and hand-selected to perform strongly in a fast-growing tech company.


Software Engineers

Senior level engineers are in demand, our communities have 5+ years of experience.


Scaling Focused

Our engineers have experience with userbases of 1,000 all the way to 1,000,000 users.


Product Team

We hire people that love products, including Project Managers / Product Managers / UI / UX.

Why Work with Us?


Hire fast 

Placement can be done as quickly as 1 week! Access our database to hire fast!


8 Step

Recruiting process

We only hire engineers who are fit our high level of talent.


Stage match

We find talent that has experience in your companies stage of growth.


How it works




We take time finding the best talent that fits the needs of any business.



We like to know more about each person that works with us.



We work for both the company and talent to effectively find a good contract so that both parties are satisfied.


About Us



With our experience managing a remote team since 2014 we decided to give talented individuals an opportunity to work with companies we think are a good fit for them in the United States while working remotely.

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Alain Miguel

Co-Founder & CFO/COO at Modalyst

Hire Llama was instrumental in developing a highly talented distributed team of customer service/admin team. The value they brought was to deliver profiles to us and help us to sift through all the noise of what it takes to hire talented individuals. We are very appreciative of their continued work in recruiting, hiring & being our guide to building out a successful remote team.

Dave Idell

CEO at Croissant

Hire Llama helped us quickly source a near shore developer for an ongoing position that has lasted over 11 months to date. They were very accommodating and to the point in getting us a fast but relevant match when it came to finding a good developer. Their talent pool is like a hidden gem.

Sarah Ribner

CEO at PiperWai

Hire Llama were incredibly thorough in finding us a web developer. They worked quickly, efficiently and stayed well within budget. Highly recommended!