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In 2014, our founders Calvin Smith and Javier Dutan came together with the belief that remote teams can catapult win-win solutions. One on hand, companies in the US have the chance to connect with a new and highly qualified talent pool; on the other, skilled engineers in Latin America gain big opportunities in a previously inaccessible industry.

Seeing this opportunity, we created an application to connect with remote software developers in Venezuela. Our tool created a networked infrastructure of talent that, in 2017, we expanded to Ecuador.

Ever since, we’ve been linking these skilled individuals with US companies, creating mutually beneficial partnerships that are disrupting markets worldwide.

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Calvin Smith

CEO & Co-founder

As the CEO & Co-founder of Hire Llama, I am a proud player in globalizing employment to create opportunities in Latin America and open a larger talent pool for US companies. Ever-expanding our communities of qualified professionals, our latest efforts also include training programs for entry-level remote customer service and sales roles.

Javier Dutan

Head of Recruitment

I'm a Technical Recruiter experienced in growth-stage startups, with a specialty in DEI placements. I am passionate about diversifying the workplace, D&I has been proven to create forward-thinking and resilient teams. In my spare time, I work on web projects and have been coding web/app projects since 2013. My development experience has made Technical recruiting my strong point, I have recruited engineering talent for FANG / Fortune 500's / Series A/B/C startups, and built 10+ engineering teams in LATAM





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