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In 2014, we created an application, using remote software developers in Venezuela. We developed an infrastructure to handle remote work and in 2017 we decided to move operations to Ecuador, due to politics.

What we found throughout our experiences was that there was a lot of talented people but companies hadn't explored it much yet. Also remote work while was traditionally outsourcing was becoming a new topic of opportunity for companies to expand.

With our experience managing a remote team since 2014 we decided to give talented individuals an opportunity to work with companies we think are a good fit for them in the United States while working remotely.

Since April of 2019 we have matched companies to talented people in Ecuador and we attribute our success to the dedication we give to ensuring a strong infrastructure is built, community is created, and stability achieved.


Our Team


Calvin Smith

CEO & Co-founder

As the CEO & Co-founder of Llama Tech, I am globalizing employment by finding talented mid-senior developers in Ecuador and matching them with companies in the US. We are also making a concerted effort to create training programs for entry-level customer service & sales roles for people in Ecuador.

Javier Dutan

Head of Recruitment

Senior Technical Recruiter 

Virgginnia Buccioni-Hillmann

Managing Partner

Virgginnia is a talent acquisition professional based in the Bay Area with a proven record of building and improving processes that help find companies find the right talent when they need it as well as orienting candidates on career advising and interviewing coaching. Her journey as a talent acquisition specialist has given her a well-rounded background in acquiring talent across many industries, including tech, non-profit, government relations and international organizations. Her current mission is to positively disrupt and improve startups’ strategies in hiring to make them streamlined and comprehensive, as well as including Diversity and Inclusion protocols to empower companies and talent alike with top-notch talent from underrepresented communities. This mission encouraged her to pursue becoming a founding partner for Hire Llama, organization that currently links under-represented tech talent with startups and advises organizations in best inclusivity and diversity practices. Virgginnia has a business administration and political science background, and in her free time she enjoys surfing, yoga, and hiking with her Goldendoodle puppy.




Camila Vélez

Marketing & Recruitment

Marketing and recruitment management,
searching for the best Professionals in LATAM.

Gaby Zaldumbide

Graphic Designer

Hire Llama brand and visual image management.





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