Podcast - How the media is being shaped by people with Scopio CEO Christina Hawatmeh

Posted by Calvin Smith on Aug 11, 2020 7:27:08 PM


Let’s get rid of the stock photo chameleons/mannequins and let people gain control of their content. Is the message simple enough? Are you developing a diverse message? Christina Hawatmeh breaks down what has changed in media and how freelancers & contractors are able to work effectively as part of a distributed team. Finding the right talent for the need that is specific. Look at who your community is and how can you expand your community as part of your team. Christina doesn’t just preach this method but she also practices this by hiring by need and diversity. Matching personality is crucial as you don’t need to just hire by skill – keeping an open mind. Participate by going to Scop.io – Get ready to take a journey with us.


Listen to the PODCAST here

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