Essential Tips for Working Remotely

Gabriela Zaldumbide
Posted by Gabriela Zaldumbide on Dec 8, 2020 2:58:34 PM


The remote work culture differs in many ways from the traditional way of working and also a Latin American work culture is not the same as the American one. The following are key recommendations to achieve the best remote work.

At home there can be many distractions, which is why the following is recommended:


1.Establish a separate space for work, one that doesn't get together with the other rooms, such as your bedroom, or other spaces for rest.

2.Explain that you are working, that you are not on vacation, you are doing something, you cannot do other activities. (Make them realize that they are working)

3.When you work as a team, share agendas, so that they know your schedule, and also so that there are no misunderstandings about not being available.

Establish an agenda/schedule:

Define the hours that will be spent at work and those that will be for rest or other activities. When you have a clear organization of time there will be less reasons to be easily distracted and also a great motivation to finish the established tasks.

Have a clear and organized routine:

1. You must have a clear routine, in order to be able to give the necessary time to be ready to work. Daily activities such as breakfast, bathing, dressing, etc. are important to start the day motivated.

2. Establish goals and tasks per week and per day, separating the important from the urgent and concentrating efforts on important tasks, evaluating the possibilities of assigning tasks and responsibilities to co-workers, avoiding procrastination.


Have a good workplace:

1. It is recommended to have a real workplace. A corner with a desk, in a quiet and working environment.

2. It is not recommended to work from the bed as it can generate distractions or make the workers feel sleepy and not perform their tasks optimally.

3. Ensure to have a good router with a good internet quality and suitable accessories, this will allow you to work properly.

4. Establish the best collaboration tools for communication, monitoring, managing projects, tasks and others.


To have the company's objectives clear:

1. In terms of time, deliverable specifications, delivery method, platforms and management systems. The use of SMART objectives can be implemented, where it is established in a detailed and precise way which are the goals of the company.

2. Process of communication and interaction with work teams, establishing schedules in which each team will communicate, or when it will be the best time to hold videoconferences or group chats.

3. Establish clear limits of dedication and time in order to avoid 24/7 work without real need or utility.

4. Use tools to control time : Hubstaff, toggl, jira (Organize tasks)

5. Every hour or hour and a half walk, get a little distraction. Try to do extra activities - have a 15 minute break. Or try to give yourself a break.

6. You can implement a fixed schedule, so you can disconnect from work.


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