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Future of work podcast

Hire Llama pairs superb engineering LATAM talent with US tech companies. Our podcast series hones in on business culture's shift to remote team, and its impact on hiring for startup founders, accelerators, VCs, angel investors, and ecosystem builders.

We host casual and down-to-earth conversations about changes in market and hiring processes and how they affect work habits. Will working from home become the norm? Are we moving beyond the days of full-time employees? Listen as we ask these important questions to our expert panel of guests!

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What does the Future of Work look like?

Remote work is synonymous with most businesses’ current team setup. Since 2020, Yama has been working to connect companies to experienced software developers in Latin America, helping them transition to a remote team powerhouse. We’ll be transparent: some remote workforces don’t jive with all companies. But when implemented properly, they catapult innovation. They open opportunities to reach talent never before available, while at once shifting business culture from inaccessibly elitist to diversely inclusive. Calvin and Javier discuss with industry experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and other leaders their thoughts on the remote work revolution and the future of work worldwide.