Most staff recruiters don’t have the same sales gene. Their objective is to find talented candidates who are the right fight the job, team and company as a whole. They’ll be focused on the company’s long-term plans, striving to fill multiple positions while keeping employee turnover to a minimum. In-house recruiters tend to be much more forthcoming with both hiring managers and candidates by trying to match people with the right backgrounds with the company’s needs.


When to Hire an In-House Recruiter



Your company has a clear culture and wants to hire employees who fit in with the wider staff.
Your company has long-term hiring plans and needs an internal recruiter to lead the effort.
Your company wants a recruiter who will work closely with hiring managers to identify the right candidates.
Your company has a definite need and budget for an in-house recruiter.


Qualified expert personal in the selection process and focused on sought profiles.
Improve your employer branding: achieve the loyalty of human capital and display the company as an ideal place to work.
It is with no doubt the model is innovative and ideal when it comes to attracting passionate and talented candidates who can help the progress of the company.
Reduced time of the selection process: when all the tools and time spent on this task are provided, the results are visible in less time.
Consistent, the recruitment process is passed to a third party and therefore the HR department can focus on problems and processes relating to the company’s existing staff.