Data Science Engineer

Full time remote Apply

Technologies we use:


Play framework










AWS services


What will you be doing:

Work with our data science team on ETL and data delivery

Help us finetune and improve our data pipeline

As an innovative builder, you will partner with others in Product, DevOps and Business to work on

our first party data platform .


At least 3 years in a data engineering role, or a backend engineering/devops role with a focus on data

Strong Python and SQL skills

Experience working with small data science teams

Familiarity with analytics and/or adtech is a huge plus

Familiarity with Data Warehousing

Strong communication skills

Devops Engineer

Full time remote Apply

Technologies we use:










AWS services




What will you be doing:

Be part of the full life cycle of our product

Help us optimize our infrastructure and pipelines

Configure tools to build and release code into different environments

Help optimizing our infrastructure utilization

Help us assure we are following the best security practices in our environments


At least 3 years of professional DevOps experience

Experience with AWS services

Experience with high availability platforms

Experience with service-oriented architecture

Excellent problem-solving skills

Excellent communication skills

Front End Developer

Full time remote Apply

We're looking for a Full Stack Engineer to join our technology team in creating a modern content technology stack.  The ideal candidate will have full-stack experience and posses the ability to take a feature or service to full completion, from working with our back-end tech through front-end implementation.

Reporting to the Head of Engineering, the Full Stack Engineer will be a part of a development team that innovates and creates modern tools and features that will be used across the entire G/O Media content platform.  We’re looking for someone eager to learn and contribute to team success.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Help figure out specific user needs and work to implement them 
  • Translate user needs into technological challenges 
  • Help us finetune and improve our CMS solutions
  • Participate in key software design, working directly with other engineers, the product team, DevOps, and the editorial team


  • At least 2 years of progressive experience in the following: software architecture; designing and scaling system architecture for website(s) that receive a large (10M+) number of visitors
  • Proficiency with Javascript, ReactJS, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design, ECMAScript 6 and git is preferred. Experience with Flow is a plus
  • Proficiency with Scala, Play Framework and Akka is preferred
  • Experience with Python is a plus
  • An ability to adapt to fast iterations and prior experience writing clean and maintainable code
  • Bachelor's degree (or foreign equivalent) in Computer Science or a related field

Full Stack Engineer

Full time remote Apply

Join a company that values fun above everything, in work and products. Build experiences around how people actually behave instead of how we wish they would.


We're looking for

  • Imaginative full-stack generalist who has contributed to at least two different consumer facing products

  • Someone who can work from anywhere

  • Insatiably curious


  • Deliver excellent working code across the stack

  • Evaluate and select appropriate tools and technologies for the job

  • Interpret and implement design and customer requirements

  • Balance both technical and consumer needs

  • Participate in code review

  • Resolve and implement appropriate automated testing solutions

  • Ensure cross-platform optimization and responsiveness of applications


  • Degree in computer science or equivalent experience

  • Experience working on a consumer facing mobile app

  • Demonstrated experience building applications with dynamic OOP languages

  • Solid understanding of software design principles, patterns and best practices

  • Experience with database technologies like PostgreSQL or MongoDB

  • Strong understanding of automated testing at various levels of the system including experience with development practices like TDD and BDD

  • Experience with VCS, particularly git

  • Strong interpersonal and project management skills

  • Excellent verbal communication skills

  • Good problem-solving skills

  • Attention to detail

Nice to have

  • Experience with TypeScript

  • Experience with front-end JavaScript frameworks like React, Ember, etc.

  • Experience with server-side frameworks like Rails, Django, etc.

  • Experience with React-Native, Objective-C, Swift, Java or Kotlin

  • Experience on projects as a technical lead


Candidates will be required to participate in an internal project (paid) as the final part of the interview process.

Java Developer

Full time remote Apply

The ideal candidate for this role is an experienced Java software development engineer who is excited to work on mission-critical software and architectures and has a proven track record of delivering outstanding products at scale.


  • Implement new functionality and analyses in real-time distributed query engine using cutting edge technologies while working massive data sets
  • Research and develop solutions to help scale our systems and eliminate performance bottlenecks emphasizing high scalability, high reliability, and low latency
  • Build systems to support easier integration of customer data


  • Minimum five years work experience as a software/infrastructure engineer, including significant experience with scalable distributed systems architectures using modern commercial cloud infrastructure (we use a mix of web servers, containers, load balancers, databases, message queues, and caches from the big providers)
  • You have a solid CS foundation — you're able to justify the data structures, algorithms, and techniques used in your code, and you're able to analyze it with regard to time/space complexity
  • Demonstrated ability to estimate timelines, prioritize tasks, set and meet deadlines, and collaborate with a broader team
  • You've demonstrated a track record of shipping quality products
  • You're able to build articulate and justify trade-offs when architecting new functionality
  • You're a great communicator

Nice to have

  • You have experience with distributed data stores like Cassandra, HBase, Hive, Druid, Clickhouse, etc
  • You have experience in data science and/or machine learning techniques
  • You have strong experience utilizing cloud providers such as AWS or GCP


  • Our culture is all about empowering individuals to perform at their highest potential. This means autonomy and flexible work hours — we trust that you’ll get the work done in a way that meets your work-life balance needs
  • Awesome team culture: No politics, little formal hierarchy, and one that values independence
  • A fast-growing company with lots of opportunities for learning and personal growth
  • Friendly and intelligent co-workers who are the BEST in their respective fields
  • Be a key player in the direction of the company and product
  • A successful management team that has experience in building and selling profitable businesses
  • Competitive compensation rates, full benefits, and 401(k)
  • A computer of your choice, extra monitors, special hardware

Jr Software Engineer

Full time remote Apply

Que estamos buscando

Desde la creación de APIs, plugins y hasta soluciones sin código, queremos ser la plataforma más fácil de conectar y la que ofrece la mayor cantidad de opciones al cliente.

Por lo que estamos actualmente buscando un desarrollador full-stack con muy buenas habilidades, especialmente en back-end. Estamos construyendo una arquitectura compleja y buscamos mentes creativas y eficientes.


  • Ayudarás a sentar las bases de un equipo de desarrollo pequeño que migra a ser un equipo grande en una startup de rápido crecimiento.
  • Desarrollarás soluciones e infraestructuras de delivery avanzadas de extremo a extremo. Y darás forma al futuro de las integraciones logísticas.
  • Trabajarás en el producto de inicio a fin. Desde la experiencia de usuario hasta la implementación.
  • Serás responsable del diseño y la arquitectura de tu producto.
  • Estarás a cargo de la arquitectura de la plataforma y sus microservicios.
  • Estarás a cargo de monitorear tus releases periódicamente.
  • Queremos que te adueñes de tu producto.


  • Capacidad para comprender las múltiples necesidades y oportunidades que surgen día a día en la startup y encontrar la forma más sencilla y eficiente de desarrollarlas.
  • Tendrás que demostrar experiencia diseñando y simplificando infraestructuras complejas, capaces de integrarse entre ellas.

Requerimientos Técnicos

  • Node.js
  • JavaScript
  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • AWS (EC2, S3, SES)
  • Vercel
  • MongoDB
  • Scrum

Requerimientos Deseables

  • Experiencia con frameworks de JavaScript
  • CentOS y Bitbucket.


  • Somos una empresa 100% remota. Puedes trabajar desde las playas de Cancún si quieres. 🏖️
  • No trabajamos con horarios ni calendarios, solo con objetivos 🎯. Tu manejas tu propio tiempo ⌛
  • Pagamos en dólares americanos 💰
  • Usamos LetsDeel como plataforma de contrato y pagos. Puedes recibir tu salario en Cripto si deseas.

  • Librería virtual con acceso a los libros que necesites. Si no lo tenemos, lo conseguimos.
  • Invertimos en cursos online para nuestro equipo.
  • Libertad de viajes, vacaciones y tiempo libre.

Product Manager

Full time remote Apply

Estamos buscando un líder en el equipo de IT que vea el producto desde los ojos del consumidor, sume ideas, traduzca las necesidades del CEO y el equipo comercial al equipo de desarrollo. Esa pieza clave que permite a los dos equipos fluir correctamente.


  • Ejecutar la estrategia y visión del producto definida por el CEO y CTO.
  • Definir, validar y ayudar a priorizar iniciativas en el roadmap
  • Detectar oportunidades que deban ser priorizadas
  • Decidir las funcionalidades que debemos implementar, y más importante, cuáles no
  • Trabajar en conjunto para gestionar el backlog de desarrollo y asegurar que las funcionalidades implementadas cumplen con lo definido
  • Monitorear el cumplimiento del roadmap y sprints por los distintos equipos de desarrollo
  • Crear wireframes y prototipos
  • Trabajar con los diseñadores para pulir diseños y aterrizar los wireframes en un diseño consistente con el resto de la aplicación
  • Conducir y asistir a pruebas con usuarios para entenderlos mejor y detectar oportunidades de mejora
  • Recopilar y analizar los datos de A/B tests, reportes y métricas para informar sus decisiones
  • Asegurar que el equipo de Picker esté informado de los cambios en el producto y que tienen los recursos necesarios para entenderlos


  • Mínimo 2 años de experiencia trabajando con productos digitales como Product Manager o un rol similar
  • Experiencia trabajando con Scrum u otras metodologías ágiles
  • Conocimiento avanzado de UX
  • Habilidad para el diseño y gran ojo al detalle
  • Experiencia analizando situaciones complejas y definiendo un plan de acción
  • Excelentes habilidades de comunicación en español: escrita, verbal y en presentaciones


  • Somos una empresa 100% remota. Puedes trabajar desde las playas de Cancún si quieres. 🏖️
  • No trabajamos con horarios ni calendarios, solo con objetivos 🎯. Tu manejas tu propio tiempo ⌛
  • Pagamos en dólares americanos 💰
  • Usamos LetsDeel como plataforma de contrato y pagos. Puedes recibir tu salario en Cripto si deseas.
  • Librería virtual con acceso a los libros que necesites. Si no lo tenemos, lo conseguimos.
  • Invertimos en cursos online para nuestro equipo.
  • Libertad de viajes, vacaciones y tiempo libre.

Senior Backend Engineer

Full time remote Apply

We're looking for a Senior Backend Developer to design and help us build a product that drives our mission forward through an API. As the first full-time product hire, you will have the chance to drive the vision and architecture of a digital platform that is human centered and data driven. We are a small team with a big vision, and we’re looking to bring on a Senior Backend Developer who is comfortable working in a fast-paced, early-stage environment as both a hands on person and strategist.


  • Optimize company's architecture to and be business-oriented in your approach to building products that serve company's mission business goals.
  • Strategic in your planning but also hands on in your approach to problem solving
  • Collaborate and communicate with a development team of 3 mid-senior level full-stack engineers daily to develop and deliver products in sprints.

Must Have Qualifications

  • 7+ years of experience as a Software Engineer
  • 5+ years of experience in Node.js
  • Experience building an API
  • Graph QL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Good Dev Ops knowledge in Docker, Amazon Cognito
  • Self-directed and motivated
  • Very flexible and helpful; occasional evening and weekend hours required

Desired Qualifications

  • Good DevOps knowledge (Terraform, Amazon ECS, Service Mesh, CI/CD)
  • Experience implementing Microservices
  • Experience with Message Brokers (RabbitMQ, Amazon SQS, etc.)
  • Experience with NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, etc.)
  • Redis
  • Amazon Cognito
  • Passionate about building innovating products that help tell stories through diverse images.
  • A team player who is ambitious, kind, inclusive, and thrives in fast-paced, collaborative environments with strong attention to detail.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, who is enthusiastic and excited to work in an early-stage, high-growth, operationally complex technology startup.

Senior React Native Developer

Full time remote Apply

Looking for a designer with mobile UI experience.

Preferred qualifications

  • Smart and gets things done
  • Contributed to several apps in the App or Play Store
  • Knowledge of React Native and Swift and/or Java programming languages
  • Experience with every stage of the software development process: design, architecture, maintenance, deployment, code reviews, documentation, etc.
  • Up to date with the latest iOS and Android best practices
  • Very clear written and verbal communicator
  • Proven track record of shipping software and successfully released apps (please include names and links on your resume)
  • Strong attention to detail on every line of code, every unit test, and every commit message
  • Comfortable with rapid development cycles and tight schedules

Preferred qualifications

  • 6+ yrs of experience in using Java Script
  • Deep understanding of Node.JS framework
  • Experience with Unit Tests and E2E
  • Proven track record of shipping software and successfully released apps (please include names and links on your resume)
  • Strong attention to detail on every line of code, every unit test, and every commit message
  • Comfortable with rapid development cycles and tight schedules

Senior Software Engineer

Full time remote Apply

We're looking for full-time ongoing staff augmentation. This means someone that will learn about our core code, coding expectations, and business so that they are capable of performing a wide range of projects independently. 

We work in the food supply chain, integrating different systems to allow buyers and sellers to conduct transactions and share other information electronically. The work itself falls into 3 buckets: 1) core technology enhancements 2) application development & customization or 3) integration with different systems. Each project could range from 1/2 a day to two weeks. Over time, it would be great if the individual could own a segment of our technology. 

Besides technical skills, we are looking for someone who is very smart, truly capable of taking the initiative to learn, and will drive to high-quality solutions. Communication skills are key because we often have complex discussions about the code and data concepts. Some familiarity with B2B transactions, ETL, or the food industry is a bonus. 



You can understand a complex codebase in-depth and in detail to help with doing the “heavy lifting” of both making the system support more capabilities and improving the quality of the codebase at the same time. You break requirements into clear abstractions. You solve complex data/business logic problems and work with large amounts of data. You create clean code and test it thoroughly. 


  • Frontend (HTML/Javascript/CSS) 
  • Vue.js Framework 
  • Python 
  • Database Design and SQL 
  • REST APIs 
  • Good communication skills 

Nice to have 

  • Ember.js Framework 
  • AWS technologies (Lambda, S3, Cognito, Cloudfront, etc) 
  • SqlAlchemy 


  • 5+ hours overlap on working hours

iOS Engineer

Full time remote Apply

Help build new features and support a rapidly growing community!


  • 2+ years experience developing mobile applications for iOS
  • Experience or excitement with Firebase
  • Experience building and shipping iOS apps
  • Strong sense of product
  • Experience in QA, software testing, and release management
  • Resourceful
  • Self-starter
  • Start-up experience is a plus
  • Strong communication skills

What you’ll do:

  • Architect, create and refine new features that heal and connect the world
  • Build fun new products that are stable, well documented, and run smoothly
  • Work closely with CEO on product concepts before building out
  • Evaluate speed vs. technical tradeoffs on decisions
  • Support QA your own work and others as you work to ship products
  • Support iteration of our company’s processes as we scale
  • Be on a supportive team that loves to build