01. Discover

We take time finding talent that fits the needs of any business and we also find businesses that fit the talent that come to us.



02. Test

We like to know more about each person that works with us. We need to get a full picture of whoever is going to be coming through our "doors".






03. Interview

A good hire is done by interviewing what type of job is needed by the company and what type of person can contribute to the company.






04. Hire

We work for both the company and talent to effectively find a good contract so that both parties are satisfied.






05. Onboard

The first 3 months are crucial to a new hire. So we make sure that we are in constant contact with both the company and hiree.





06. Maintain

After being hired we try to ensure a strong community of interaction occurs. We facilitate a way for remote hires to have a safe and fun environment to connect.






Interested in hiring remote talent?

The Future of Work is distributed teams. More and more companies and people are opting to go remote. What are you waiting for?



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