01. Discovery Call

We kick off collaboration with a meeting between your team and our recruiting specialists.



02. Profile Creation

We put together the details of your ideal taskforce, designing assessments and interviews to vet the best candidate.






03. Interview

A good hire is done by interviewing what type of job is needed by the company and what type of person can contribute to the company.






04. Digital Connection

We invite you to join us on Slack for instant messaging and easy communication throughout the entire process.






05. Assessment Flow

We establish a streamlined roadmap for the smoothest and most efficient hiring process.





06. Candidate Sourcing

We leverage our recruiting experience to find stellar candidates and gather first-stage information.






07. Skill Assessments

We send candidates a take-home assignment to show that they’re up to the challenge and prove their professional chops.






08. Client Interview

We set up an interview between your team and its candidate of choice: the ball’s in your court!






09. Contract Setup

Once you decide on a candidate, we liaise the contract details and take care of the legal logistics.






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